July 29, 2010

Best of Mecha- Gundam Windows 7 Themes

Here you goes, one of the most iconic anime figure in Japan other than Pokeman, the total badass cool looking mecha heroes - GUNDAM. I am a fans of the series since i was a child. Watching those robots fight scene is just so much fun. Those political, love and diplomatic stuff i just never understand them or bother when i was a kid.

Whenever i saw those gundam models by BANDAI displayed in stores, i was so eager to get one for myself. Damn...

Anyways, here are 32 gundam wallpapers suitable for any screensize:

July 28, 2010

Diablo 3 wallpapers-windows 7 themes

Diablo 3 release date is not known but with the released of starcraft 2 we can expect this big Blizzard title releasing date should be very near. The first ever Diablo game I played is Diablo 2 and my first character is Necromancer. Summoning the golems and skeletons,  the good old times...

I rake up some wallpapers from diablo 3 official site and compile it into themes.


July 27, 2010

7Themez pick #3


Recently KONAMI on E3 just released teaser for latest title of this series - Metal Gear Solid Rising which the player will be Raiden instead of Snake. If you are a big fan of metal gear series like me, you must watch this cool trailer.

Other than this video, here i would like to share some interesting metal gear fan art as well. I have already forgotten the source of this picture. If anyone knew it please let me know so i can give them credits. Check it out below:

July 25, 2010

INCEPTION Windows 7 Themes and SPINNING TOTEM Screen Saver!


It has been a while..3 months since i last posted. Time to get my lazy ass working..

So I had watched this great sci-fi action movie INCEPTION. The storyline is brilliant and the screenplay is very much enjoyable. It is sure a contented 2.5 hours if you are going to watch it in the cinema. The only other good movie i truly enjoy this year is toy story 3. Just remember go to washroom first before the show starts. You wont wanna miss any scene.

I will not talk much about this film as it will just ruin the fun of it. Guys, go to watch it if you have not !