April 15, 2010

Cute Pokemon Wallpaper Windows 7 Themes

Just another nostalgic post -pokemon my childhood memory. It is pretty hard to find quality pokemon wallpapers because majority of pokemon supporter are kind of young. They are either kids or teenagers. So there are only very few skillful one who can produce good artwork for pokemon. Almost 80% of the wallpapers i have found on the internet does not meet my own requirement.

It took me quite some time to find these wallpapers. Please don't complain about the lack of variety of pokemons as it is very difficult to find a good wallpaper that fit my choice. Among these wallpapers, there are some marked with the pokemon number in pokedex which i think is quite neat and brings back lots of old memory to me.

I hope you will like this cute pokemon windows 7 themes too.

Low quality preview:

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Anonymous said...

Amazing theme ! continue this way !

Anonymous said...

Aww, can't download :(

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