March 30, 2010

Toy story 3 wallpaper-windows 7 themes


The Buzz is finally back this year !!!!!! Along with his old friend Woody and one new friend Jessie. Toy story is the first 3d animation which got so much attention and positive feedback from the public.  Apart from the animation itself is good, the voice casting behind toy story is very well include Tom Hanks and Tim Allen!

Toy story 3 is coming on this June. You definitely would not want to miss it.There is still some time to wait but eventually it will come, for now just enjoy this toy story 3 wallpaper and windows 7 themes.

 Low quality preview:

March 26, 2010

Nike windows 7 themes


It's been a while since i last posted on this blog. Hectic homework is the reason i am not available for this period.

I don't know whether there are other people who feel that nike ads always are kinda creative. I believe that the 'swoosh' logo of nike and the trademark of "just do it" leave many people a deep impression.

I hardly never posted any wallpaper with real human/people as the main subject in it if you have noticed it. I don't really like them but i will make an exception this time. I have purposely compiled this nike windows 7 themes because i have somewhat motivational feeling when looking at nike shoes advertisement. It really gives you the feel of you just want to get things done.

March 16, 2010

80 stunning and stylish wallpaper for windows 7 themes

I am following various good blog in order to get my hand on the best wallpaper around and keep my blog updated. One of them is  The site is simply amazing for art lover. My blog is slowly gaining more readers, so i have decided to compile 80 wallpapers from abduzeedo to reward my fellow readers.

You can find the original wallpaper at there and download them but i just want to provide you a convenience alternatives. Now at here, you can simply download all 80 stunning wallpapers in one click =) All credits remained for abduzeedo and the wallpaper creator.

Majorly these wallpapers are in darker colour, if you prefer a brighter and cleaner themepack you might want to check out sketch art themes and colourful themes.

All wallpapers are in size 1920x1200 , only some are in 1680x1050.
*This wallpaper set also available in iphone version, waiting for your feedback to decide whether to post it on 7themez. 

p/s: i also will be glad to see that if anyone digg, stumble, tweet or facebook it! :P


March 14, 2010

Blog 4 month reports and a colourful windows 7 themes

A lazy sunday post, until today i have blogged for about 4 months. In this period, i stupidly made a mistake while renaming my domain name and lost most of the readers i build up earlier. But the good thing is i get to learn from mistakes =)

Current blog stats:
0 Google follower        - this is sad =(
1 Blog post comment  - this is damn sad T.T
3 Twitter follower
10 Windows 7 Tips      - If you have a good tips, share it to me.
14 RSS feed reader
30+ Quality windows 7 Themes - Themes sharing are most welcomed, i will help you to publish it under your name. Highly encourage from users to users concept
45 Total published blog post - i will keep it going, need your support though.
100s of wallpaper - this is great =)

*Reminder - wallpaper packs format will be changed from time to time according to the votes. So, vote for your favourite format now!

Anyways, here for your colourful themes which is in contra to black and stylish themes.

low quality preview:

March 10, 2010

Rarely seen dark side Sasuke wallpapers

I came across these wallpapers  and quickly download them without any hesitation. These wallpapers is rarely seen compare to other sasuke wallpaper which you found on the internet. If you like the cool and mean Sasuke who has turn himself into the dark path in the "Naruto", you will definitely like these wallpapers.

Those who prefer the 'old sasuke' who is still kind and cute. You can check it out here.

Side notes, if anyone has noticed there are some little tweaks being made on Changes made:
  • Blog's icon has been changed.(A chinese word means seven)
  • Fixed false URL for twitter with the correct one.
  • There is an 'add this' button below of post which allow you to share with everyone else. (Kindly share my post on your facebook or twitter, i will be grateful of all the support)
  • Wallpaper packs format will be changed from time to time according to the votes. So, vote for your favourite format now! It is on the very top of the blog. For now, the wallpapers will be packed in .rar format.
  •  Anyone can comment now ! to encourage the interaction between me and users =)  (previously only open for registered users)
Low quality preview:

Best of National Geographic 2009 Wallpapers : Part 2

Yesterday i have posted the windows 7 theme consists best landscape wallpapers from national geographic 2009, today i continue with the same theme. But this time i have handpicked 36 best wildlife wallpapers from national geographic 2009 to be compiled into windows 7 themes. I usually dislikes animal featured wallpaper but some of these wallpapers are just too good so i can't resist to make them into windows themes. Here is the preview of wildlife themes for windows 7:

Download Here

Awesome One piece Wallpaper and Themes.

I guess anyone aged around 12~20 should have heard about onepiece before, it is one of the most popular Japanese anime series, just like the other very well known anime such as Bleach, Naruto and Full Metal Alchemist and so on. I still watch anime and manga regularly, it is one of the best time killer for me :P And Onepiece is my favourite so far because it is so fun to watch haha!!

Here i have compiled some cool onepiece fans artwork into theme pack, so enjoy~

Luffy's Crew
 7 Shichibukai/Warlords
11 new world stars:

Windows 7 Host File Location

There are multiple reasons which somebody wants to find the host file in windows 7 and don't know where is it. The host file is the one where one enters hostname and IP address manually to serve as Name server(DNS).

The host file is located at :
Start editing your host file by double click open and choose "notepad" as your program to open it

Best of National Geographic 2008 Landscape Wallpaper

Again, featuring the national geographic wallpaper as windows 7 themes this time. This time i use all the landscape wallpaper from year 2008. This theme contains 42 handpicked landscape wallpaper from almost hundred of all wallpaper available. You can combine this windows 7 themes with the previous national geographic 2009(click here to download) landscape themes to create your personal best windows 7 landscape themes!


Download here

Exclusive Battlefield:Bad company 2 wallpaper for windows 7 themes

Battlefield: Bad company 2 is going to be released in the end of February, here i got my hands on some of the exclusive wallpaper packs for this game. Few of them are exclusively created by me. All of these wallpapers are HD quality. 11 beautiful wallpapers with a grayish theme color.

Best of National Geographic 2009 Wallpaper

I have stumbled upon these beautiful national geographic landscape wallpaper, so i decided to handpick from all of the national geographic 2009 wallpapers and compile them into windows 7 themes. This windows 7 theme will consist of mostly landscape and some nature photograph. Enjoy this beautiful windows 7 theme~

"Best of National Geographic 2009 Wallpaper" Themes

Download Here

Random Inpirational wallpaper #0

I have decided to do a continuous inspirational wallpaper art post. This is my first post on this topic and i would like to start it with count #0. In this post, i will post random inspiring wallpaper i came across on the internet. Most of the wallpaper for this week are minimalism and some are just simply creative but most important is that they inspired or amazed me when i saw them. Start from post, i will start posting my wallpaper pack in .zip format instead of .themepack to make it user friendly to everyone else.

Low Quality Preview:

March 9, 2010

Best of Inuyasha wallpaper for windows 7 themes

I wonder how many people have watched Inuyasha, i guess definitely not much... Anyways, here is the old anime series-Inuyasha wallpaper compiled for windows 7 themes. This themes consist 13 fine quality inuyasha and sesshomaru wallpapers.

Best of Sasuke Wallpapers compiled themes

I have done wallpapers pack for bleach and one piece, so i think why not Naruto too... Here you go, handpicked 14 best wallpapers around and featuring only Sasuke but no one else. More character on Naruto will be featured soon, such as naruto, gaara, kakshi and so on. Enjoy this for now~

Low Quality Preview:

Windows 7 Theme : Tranquility

Yesterday i have posted a pack of sleek and cool black theme, i would like to share with everyone the "Tranquility" theme pack. This theme consist of various water wallpaper, some of them are computer rendered and some are from photography but that doesn't matter. I love picture of water because it gives me the feel of tranquility and serenity. i don't know whether it is the blue colour of water or the reflection or its motion, somehow it makes me feel peace. Below is the preview, including picture of water drop, splash, flowing, and still.... Enjoy~

Tranquility Theme:

Download here

Windows 7 Black Themes

I always prefer black wallpapers because they are ease to eyes and have that cool looking feel. If you are always in front of your computer , consider changing your wallpaper to darker ones, your eyes will feel less tired. Here are some of the black wallpapers that i have compiled in to a theme pack. Hope you like it =)

Windows 7 Black Themes:

Download here

Metal Gear Solid Themes for Windows 7

i like to play games and watch anime, so this time i will post a metal gear theme for windows 7. Metal gear is one of the best game ever, every gamer should give it a try.

Metal Gear Theme:

Just Another Great Nature Theme for Windows 7

It has been a while since i last posted on my blog. Today i decided to post two twice to keep my blog updated. I always love nature theme because of it gives feel of calm, cool and alive, so here it is another great nature theme with great scenery and animal (birds, turtle, and panda, lol who can resist panda).


Download here

Best of Bleach Theme for Windows 7

Are you a Bleach manga Fans ? If you are, you definitely wouldn't want to miss this great Bleach Wallpapers set which have been compiled for windows 7. These 29 Bleach wallpapers are exclusive and have been picked out from hundreds of Bleach wallpapers, including cool Kurosaki Ichigo, cute kon, bankai, hollow and many more. They are all exclusive and you can easily download them all at once from here!!


Cute Pokemon Desktop Wallpaper For Windows 7

The pokemon anime series is in its 3rd generation now. Many of us don't watch it anymore. Although it is not as famous as before, we used to watch it all the time and kinda miss it now. Here are 2 wallpaper of pokemon from its original and first generation anime series, Eve and Charmender. These wallpapers are for all the old pokemon fans out there. It definitely will give you the feel of nostalgia and cheer up desktop.

High Quality Monster Hunter Wallpaper

Monster hunter is one of the best cooperative action rpg game on psp, it was such a big hit. There are different version available on ps2 and ps3 as well as Wii. If you own a psp, you definitely have to try it, it is very addictive. Find some friends, link together and fight your way through the dungeon and slay the toughest dragon ever. It is also one of the top seller in Wii, named Monster Hunter Tri. Here are a collection of 13 fine monster hunter wallpaper for your desktop. Some of them are exclusive and rarely be seen at other places.

Low Quality Preview:

30 Lamborghini wallpaper for windows 7

Once again for the car fans, the Lamborghini windows 7 themes . Lamborghini is a long time rival of Ferrari as we all know it. It is well known of its sleek design and monstrous horse power. Thing that interests me when i was searching high and low for its wallpaper is Lamborghini is now part of AUDI Group. The second new thing to me is that  AUDI actually is part of Volkswagen Group. Not only part of but actually wholly-owned, 99.55% of share by Volkswagen.

Well, enough for the extra little knowledge for those who does not know it yet. Here is 30 beautiful and awesome Lamborghini wallpaper for you guys.

One last question for everyone:

If you have the $$$$(money), which one will you choose to buy , Ferrari or Lamborghini?
-For myself, i am all for Lamborghini. =)

Low quality preview: