March 10, 2010

Awesome One piece Wallpaper and Themes.

I guess anyone aged around 12~20 should have heard about onepiece before, it is one of the most popular Japanese anime series, just like the other very well known anime such as Bleach, Naruto and Full Metal Alchemist and so on. I still watch anime and manga regularly, it is one of the best time killer for me :P And Onepiece is my favourite so far because it is so fun to watch haha!!

Here i have compiled some cool onepiece fans artwork into theme pack, so enjoy~

Luffy's Crew
 7 Shichibukai/Warlords
11 new world stars:

Theme Preview:
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Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot :)

I was looking for 2nd wallpaper but I'm happy to see the first too ^^

7Themez said...

It is glad to know you found what you want on my site =)

Hmmm, but what you meant by saying "2nd wallpaper"?

Anonymous said...

how can i use this? my computer needs a file extension ".theme" but after i download this 1piece theme it appears a ".themepack" extension nmae. how about that? elp noobieZ me ^^

TK said...

@Anonymous, are you running windows 7? If you are using windows 7, you should be able to use this themes by just double click the .themepack file.

Adam said...

i have windows vista how can i download them? its not working.

TK said...

The file download link is alright.

Assuming you have downloaded it but not able to use it under windows vista.
Use winzip/winrar to open the file instead of double clicking to open it.Then you should be able to extract the wallpaper from it

Anonymous said...

elow a big fan of one piece and im recently collecting their tv series through comic alleys etc. Im on the part where they've been separated by Kuma. About the theme "Luffy's Crew" it right that they'll gonna have another member after Brook? Does the girl with the blue hair will really be their 10th member? Because i know for a fact that Brook is their last crew. Ive been updating One piece also in comic mangas by means of internet. Ill wait for your response. Thank you.

Tan said...

Not sure about that.
It is just a fan art by lack. You can check out my new post for the artist info -

The blue hair girl is actually princess Vivi who at some point did fight along with Luffy.

Anyways, One piece is a nice manga because of its unpredictable and interesting story line, right? Why not we just wait and see how the story develop later =)

Anonymous said...

Who is the artist/author of the images?
Because I like to find more of his works.

Anonymous said...

missing link??

Tan said...

Link updated. Sorry for late response.

sbobet said...

thnx for nice work
and pretty simple example but
where can i see the form i m not able to see the dorm created by module??livescore

rockerz said...

it's so weak

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