June 2, 2011

Prince of Persia Windows 7 Theme

Just another everyone's favourite game windows 7 theme, this time is the Prince of Persia. This game series has such a long and awesome history. It started of as a 2D platform video game. I remember that i played it when i was a kid and constantly dying in the game. i felt that the game was terribly hard for me at that time.

Recent years, Ubisoft has taken over and developed the game. Now Prince of Persia just get better than ever, the graphics has been improved so much. The game play itself is still kind of challenging but more fun to play. If you haven't played this game before, quickly get your hand and try out "The Sands of Time", "The Two Thrones", "Prince of Persia (2008)" or the latest in the franchise "The Forgotten Sands".

Check out all these cool Prince of Persia wallpapers, hope you will like it. If you like windows 7 themes featuring popular games, do take a look  at my World of Warcraft, Street Fighter, Assassin Creed , Crysis 2 and other game theme.


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