June 3, 2011

Kamen Rider Windows 7 Theme

Kamen Rider Windows 7 Theme is specially made upon the request of 7themez reader, Tornado Joey.  Kamen Rider or Masked Rider or whatever it is called has an old history that's even before i was born. I remember that the early series are featuring Kamen Rider of various types of insects like grasshopper, beetle, beetle and beetle... Now i don't really know how and what is the latest series about.

I have always prefer to compile windows 7 themes by listening to the opinions of readers. So far there are only few theme request had been made, including Hulk and Detective Conan theme. Hopefully there will be more and more people participating on this site, submitting their request or even share their windows 7 themes with me. I will be gladly to publish it on 7themez.com and share with everyone else.

Tornada Joey, hope you don't mind that i couldn't find any good Kamen Rider Diend wallpaper or illustration. All of the wallpaper chosen are in illustration/art form rather than real life model because that's my style :D



 All of the above wallpapers are created by kamenriderart.blogspot.com

Kamen Rider-The First -Hongo Meng by Arms

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