June 17, 2011

Transformer 3 Windows 7 Theme

Transformer 3: Dark of the Moon windows 7 theme is dedicated to fans of transformer movie series. It is so hard to find good transformer wallpaper because even the wallpapers released by official transformer movie site are in very poor quality. I have hand picked these 12 wallpaper which at least still meet my minimum requirement.
This theme consist of few wallpaper of optimus prime, megatron, bumblebee, autobots and decepticon symbol. There’s one exceptional transformer illustration done by alon.tw. It is definitely hundred times better than crappy official wallpaper. Check it out below,

transformer 3-wallpaper (1)

The rest of the wallpapers are either fan made or official release….

June 13, 2011

Cars 2 Windows 7 Theme

Cars 2, the sequel of Cars animation by Pixar Animation Studios. This Cars 2 windows 7 wallpaper theme consist of 44 pieces 1920x1200 HD quality wallpaper from official Disney website. I simply make it more convenient for everyone to download all the wallpaper in one shot.

This time the story starts with racecar Lightning McQueen and tow truck Mater embark on a journey to Europe, Japan and London to compete in the first World Grand Prix to determine the world's fastest car.



June 9, 2011

Captain America: The First Avenger Windows 7 Theme

I am really anticipating the Captain America: The First Avenger movie. The trailer looks really interesting. I feel that it will be better than Thor and Green Lantern. This movie tells the origin of Captain America who is one of the greatest patriots of United States.

The official website of Captain America: The First Avenger does not provide many wallpaper for the fans. There is only one official wallpaper with poor resolution, it's kind of disappointing from a big Marvel production.

This Captain America Theme consist of 10 wallpaper (1 official wallpaper and 9 illustration). Hope you will like it. Follow me on my facebook page or twitter for more upcoming cool windows 7 themes.


June 6, 2011

Green Lantern Windows 7 Theme

Green Lantern Windows 7 theme is dedicated to all fans out there who can't wait for the movie official release on 17 Jun 2011. Leading actor  of the movie is Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan. Well, from the trailer we can see that Hal Jordan receives a ring from some outer space creature and the ring grants user superpower to control over the physical world.

Letely, the industry has been pushing so hard on comic heroes theme movies. There was Thor previously and there will be Captain America: The First Avenger later . This type of movies have big fan base which is willing to fork out their money to watch it in cinema. The industry is happy as they are making money, people are also glad to see their childhood heroes on the big screen. Win-win situation.

What i am feeling annoyed is that there will be surely 3D version for every major production. Personally, i don't feel that paying such high premium for 3D is worth it.

Back to Green Lantern, this theme consist of 10 HD quality Green Lantern movie wallpaper. Hope that you will like it.


June 5, 2011

X-Men First Class Windows 7 Theme

X-Men First Class Windows 7 Theme is specially made for all x-men series film. This movie is pretty good and definitely worth to watch it in cinema. You don't get to see the usual character like cyclops, wolverine or storm in this movie but there are new guys like Azazel and Riptide. The main characters include Professor X, Magneto, Raven/Mystique, Emma Frost and the ultimate villain, Sebastian Shaw.

This theme consist of 11 wallpaper from X-men series. Some of them are from X-men first class, some are from X-Men: The Last Stand and few are from X-Men Origins: Wolverine. If you would like to see other movie theme, feel free to suggest it to me on facebook, twitter or leave comment at below of this post. I mainly make themes featuring game and anime. Anyways, just leave your request and i will make the best possible windows 7 theme.


June 3, 2011

Kamen Rider Windows 7 Theme

Kamen Rider Windows 7 Theme is specially made upon the request of 7themez reader, Tornado Joey.  Kamen Rider or Masked Rider or whatever it is called has an old history that's even before i was born. I remember that the early series are featuring Kamen Rider of various types of insects like grasshopper, beetle, beetle and beetle... Now i don't really know how and what is the latest series about.

I have always prefer to compile windows 7 themes by listening to the opinions of readers. So far there are only few theme request had been made, including Hulk and Detective Conan theme. Hopefully there will be more and more people participating on this site, submitting their request or even share their windows 7 themes with me. I will be gladly to publish it on 7themez.com and share with everyone else.

Tornada Joey, hope you don't mind that i couldn't find any good Kamen Rider Diend wallpaper or illustration. All of the wallpaper chosen are in illustration/art form rather than real life model because that's my style :D


June 2, 2011

Prince of Persia Windows 7 Theme

Just another everyone's favourite game windows 7 theme, this time is the Prince of Persia. This game series has such a long and awesome history. It started of as a 2D platform video game. I remember that i played it when i was a kid and constantly dying in the game. i felt that the game was terribly hard for me at that time.

Recent years, Ubisoft has taken over and developed the game. Now Prince of Persia just get better than ever, the graphics has been improved so much. The game play itself is still kind of challenging but more fun to play. If you haven't played this game before, quickly get your hand and try out "The Sands of Time", "The Two Thrones", "Prince of Persia (2008)" or the latest in the franchise "The Forgotten Sands".

Check out all these cool Prince of Persia wallpapers, hope you will like it. If you like windows 7 themes featuring popular games, do take a look  at my World of Warcraft, Street Fighter, Assassin Creed , Crysis 2 and other game theme.


June 1, 2011

Thor Windows 7 Theme

Is Thor the movie good? I haven't watched this movie but i know this character since i was a kid. Thor, the God of Thunder with its godlike hammer, Mjolnir (which is similarly overpowered in Ragnarok Online,smile*) is definitely one of the most popular Marvel heroes.

Anyways here some Thor movie wallpaper and poster, hope that you will like it.