February 1, 2011

Ragnarok Online Wallpaper Theme

Anyone remember or still playing Ragnarok Online? It was one of the few MMORPG which i have played for a really long time. I even consider it to the be the game who kick start the MMORPG trend world wide. It gained huge success in my country, Malaysia back then. When Ragnarok Online was released in my country, i instantly tried it and enjoyed the game very much.  Before the rise of RO, i was playing Runescape with very poor graphics and nothing much to do. But it was all good as at that time everything was fair and square without subscriber advantage.

Recently, i found that RO has undergone a huge updates on new classes, 3rd job? and many other new stuff. Korea Ragnarok Online (KRO) also started to run the game in free-to-play business model. All of these updates remind me of the good old days of playing the game with my friends.

Do you miss your RO days? Do you still play RO and have a decent server to introduce to me?

Here are 15 pieces of RO wallpaper, size reduced preview: