January 19, 2011

Official Chinese Zodiac Themes by Microsoft

I knew that this Chinese Zodiac windows 7 theme available in windows 7 since the first day i installed windows 7. I always think that it is a very good theme because the wallpaper is very good and it gives me a heavy feel of Chinese culture.The wallpaper art style is similar to traditional Chinese paper cutting. It is a very unique chinese art form.

I would like to share this theme with international visitors so that non-Chinese will have a better knowledge in Chinese culture. Chinese zodiac consists of 12 animals and each of them represent a year of the full 12-years cycle. Referring to the picture above, from left to right, from top to bottom, the zodiac starts with rat and ends with pig.

Just to share some interesting facts with all, this year is the year of rabbit!

Cool? You can download the themes now official by Microsoft!
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