January 16, 2011

A much cooler windows 7 wallpaper theme

This is a windows 7 themes which all wallpapers are showing elements and style of windows 7. All wallpapers are in high quality 1920x1200 format and definitely suit for your desktop tweaking no matter big or wide screen.

All windows 7 users and supporters should get rid of your old default themes and try these set of much cooler wallpaper!

This is a mix of blue and black color minimalism that will be ease on your eyes.

Size reduced preview:
Mutated koi by loone-wolf
broken windows 7 by smuggle559

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Anonymous said...

the link is dead anyway. but i liked them.
new link please?

Sharon Stone said...

I surmise I have chosen an intelligent and mind blowing website with interesting material. best wp themes

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