January 29, 2011

Pick #35 - Naruto: One to Nine Tails

There isn't really any particular artistic aspect for this one. But all tails possessor gather in one single picture is kind of cool.

January 28, 2011

Pick #34- The Joker Line Art


January 27, 2011

Pick #33 - The Audio Tank


January 26, 2011

Pick #32 - Coolest Usopp Ever


January 25, 2011

Pick #31 - World of Warcraft Illustration


Little Big Planet Wallpaper Theme

LittleBigPlanet is a unique puzzle platform adventure game with huge social community, which enables players to, play, create and share with others.Recently LittleBigPlanet 2 has been released and received the same positive reaction as the first series.And the main attraction in the game,the Sackboy can be customized according to your favour.

Check out the very cute Little Big Planet Wallpaper theme below.There are characters based on Pirates of Caribbean, Incredibles, Marvel Hero and many more.

Size reduced preview:

January 20, 2011

Anime Wallpaper Windows 7 Theme

Total of 18 wallpapers have been picked and compiled into this anime windows 7 theme. Some of them are based on real anime or game, and some are pure original creation by the author. There are Neon Genesis Evangelion, Afro Samurai, Spirited Away, Bioshock etc. All wallpapers are taken from coolvibe.com weekly anime wallpaper. Credits to original author.

All original wallpapers are in 1920 wide except for a few.

Size reduced preview:

Okozo - Interactive Desktop Background for Windows


Okozo Desktop will transform your old and dull desktop backgrounds of Windows 7 into fun, interactive and animated. This program is flashed-based and all the wallpapers are custom built by the creator. Currently there are over 70 different wallpapers available on the website. The wallpaper can be a mini interactive flash games, or an active clock displaying time.

You should keep in mind that this program will surely consume your CPU and memory more than usual if you use it. So, better use it only if you really want it or your kids want it =). I believe that kids will definitely love it.

Want to try out this application? Download it now.
And remember to check out the help page if you encounter any problem.

January 19, 2011

Official Chinese Zodiac Themes by Microsoft


I knew that this Chinese Zodiac windows 7 theme available in windows 7 since the first day i installed windows 7. I always think that it is a very good theme because the wallpaper is very good and it gives me a heavy feel of Chinese culture.The wallpaper art style is similar to traditional Chinese paper cutting. It is a very unique chinese art form.

January 16, 2011

A much cooler windows 7 wallpaper theme

This is a windows 7 themes which all wallpapers are showing elements and style of windows 7. All wallpapers are in high quality 1920x1200 format and definitely suit for your desktop tweaking no matter big or wide screen.

All windows 7 users and supporters should get rid of your old default themes and try these set of much cooler wallpaper!

This is a mix of blue and black color minimalism that will be ease on your eyes.

Size reduced preview:
Mutated koi by loone-wolf
broken windows 7 by smuggle559

January 7, 2011

Pick #30 - One Piece 7 Shichibukai (old)

one piece Shichibukai
Another great one piece fan art featuring 7 Shichibukai by lack.

January 6, 2011

Despicable Me wallpaper - Gru and minions

I have just watched Despicable Me the other day. And i feel it is really good. Definitely a good 3D animation to watch with kids and guaranteed that you will be enjoying it as well.

Let's check out Gru and the minions. I can't find many good quality despicable me wallpaper to compile into one window 7 theme. But i bet these few wallpaper will just fit your desktop well. So, just click the picture to enlarge it to original size and download theme directly. =)

January 3, 2011

Smashing January Calendar Windows 7 Themes

Today is the first month and the first Monday of year 2011. Lets decorate your desktop with some refreshing wallpaper from smashing magazine January calendar wallpaper round up. Schedule yourself well and be prepared for another great year! Happy new year!

The original article consist of 65 wallpaper, i have handpicked 50 of them and compile them into a single theme so that you don't need to download each one of them. All wallpapers are in 1920x1200 format except for a few with smaller size. Enjoy~

source: smashing magazine january calendar

Size reduced preview:

January 2, 2011

Pick #29 - Enter the Mushroom Kingdom

Grown up Mario
Enther the Mushroom Kingdom

super mario bros
Super Mario Bros wallpaper
A really cool grown up super Mario illustration. By lastscionz