December 20, 2010

Incredible Hulk Windows 7 Theme

Just another theme for my readers. This time it is a request from "Dmitri Burn". I actually missed his message which that message supposedly to be the "real" first response from my facebook fanpage.

This theme contains 21 Hulk wallpapers of various sizes because good one is so darn hard to find. I just hope that they still look nice on your desktop. Personally it is suitable for me as my primary machine is an old laptop (4.5 years old) with 14.1 inches screen .

Hope you all will like it. If you feel these set of wallpaper is not enough, you might wanna check out at I have chosen some of the best one from there, those which are not in my collection simply because they don't meet my requirement.

Size reduced preview:

This one is by el-grimlock.

This one is personally combined by me, 7Themez

Alternatively, you can check out my facebook fanpage or twitter for direct download link with no wait time and maximum downlad speed. XD
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