September 26, 2010

(HD) Crysis 2 Windows 7 Themes

Gaming themes streak continues, this time featuring Crysis 2. The game which will surely make all of your home PC looks like there are already outdated and it is time to trash your PC to get a new one. 

Just some wallpaper i found here and there due to recent tight schedule. Things happen and do not allow me to post as frequent. However, this does not mean the wallpaper quality will be low, all wallpapers are in HD quality and looks awesome.

Yet, another armour freak in the gaming world who join the company of ironman and deadspace, lol.

Downsized wallpaper preview:

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Anonymous said...

Download link not working.. pls prove alternate download link..

Anonymous said...

link is not working restore it plz.

Anonymous said...

fuck you, ur fucking link doesn't work idiot

Anonymous said...

Theme IS NOT equal to wallpaper. Please, Don't waste other people´s precious time....thank you!

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