July 25, 2010

INCEPTION Windows 7 Themes and SPINNING TOTEM Screen Saver!


It has been a while..3 months since i last posted. Time to get my lazy ass working..

So I had watched this great sci-fi action movie INCEPTION. The storyline is brilliant and the screenplay is very much enjoyable. It is sure a contented 2.5 hours if you are going to watch it in the cinema. The only other good movie i truly enjoy this year is toy story 3. Just remember go to washroom first before the show starts. You wont wanna miss any scene.

I will not talk much about this film as it will just ruin the fun of it. Guys, go to watch it if you have not !

Here are some HD 1920x1200 INCEPTION wallpapers and a cool spinning totem screen saver.

13 wide screen inception wallpapers for windows
Spinning totem screen saver

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