April 5, 2010

Windows 7 Taskbar speed hack (one click open program)

Windows 7 taskbar is a great improvement of windows OS, but have you ever encounter a situation where multiple instances of a same program is running eg. 2 word files opened under Microsoft Word, you have got to either click twice or hover to navigate to an open windows.

This hack will allow you to open last active window when you first click on the taskbar icon instead of pop up the preview. Here goes:

  1. First open up your 'Start', type regedit.exe and hit enter
  2. Then navigate to left side and go to ' HKEY_CURRENT_USER' >'Software'>'Microsoft'>'Windows'>'CurrentVersion'>'Explorer'>'Advanced'
  3. Go to top menu bar 'Edit'>'New'>DWORD(32-bit)
  4. Name the value you added just now to LastActiveClick
  5. Hit enter and assign the value to 1
  6. Restart your windows 7 and check out the result.
If you not satisfy with the result simply delete the registry to revert this setting and restart again.

p/s: Above hack is especially good when combine with another trick which speed up preview time, go to following:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse\MouseHoverTime.
  1. Double click on MouseHoverTime or right click modify and change value from 400 to any value less then 100. ( Lower value = faster preview).
  2. Click OK and close regedit.exe. 
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