April 20, 2010

Windows 7 Racing Car Themes (Wide Screen)

I have been missing in action for few days because my exam started on mid of April. Well i am still a student so i will not be able to update my blog so frequent until early of May.

There is no much time for me to search for new wallpapers around. So i was looking through my archive and found these wallpapers. Just some wallpapers from different racing game. All cars are 3d-rendered so there is no real car image in these wallpapers. =P

All 33 wallpapers are originally in 1680x1050, best for wide screen.

Low quality preview:

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Fai said...

cool!! wondering where you can get all of this picture...!

NJ used cars said...

Most of the above wallpapers are awesome looking. I've an aim to buy a racing car soon and my target may fulfill next year. Thanks for your placement of 7 racing theme.

Jack Men said...

Your articles make complete sense out of each topic. wordpress themes

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