March 10, 2010

Rarely seen dark side Sasuke wallpapers

I came across these wallpapers  and quickly download them without any hesitation. These wallpapers is rarely seen compare to other sasuke wallpaper which you found on the internet. If you like the cool and mean Sasuke who has turn himself into the dark path in the "Naruto", you will definitely like these wallpapers.

Those who prefer the 'old sasuke' who is still kind and cute. You can check it out here.

Side notes, if anyone has noticed there are some little tweaks being made on Changes made:
  • Blog's icon has been changed.(A chinese word means seven)
  • Fixed false URL for twitter with the correct one.
  • There is an 'add this' button below of post which allow you to share with everyone else. (Kindly share my post on your facebook or twitter, i will be grateful of all the support)
  • Wallpaper packs format will be changed from time to time according to the votes. So, vote for your favourite format now! It is on the very top of the blog. For now, the wallpapers will be packed in .rar format.
  •  Anyone can comment now ! to encourage the interaction between me and users =)  (previously only open for registered users)
Low quality preview:

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MacabrePrince said...

Thank you so much. Tho the last two images are not him.

Anonymous said...

Thanks sir. Very nice wallpapers you got here. :)

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