March 9, 2010

30 Lamborghini wallpaper for windows 7

Once again for the car fans, the Lamborghini windows 7 themes . Lamborghini is a long time rival of Ferrari as we all know it. It is well known of its sleek design and monstrous horse power. Thing that interests me when i was searching high and low for its wallpaper is Lamborghini is now part of AUDI Group. The second new thing to me is that  AUDI actually is part of Volkswagen Group. Not only part of but actually wholly-owned, 99.55% of share by Volkswagen.

Well, enough for the extra little knowledge for those who does not know it yet. Here is 30 beautiful and awesome Lamborghini wallpaper for you guys.

One last question for everyone:

If you have the $$$$(money), which one will you choose to buy , Ferrari or Lamborghini?
-For myself, i am all for Lamborghini. =)

Low quality preview:

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Fai said...

well maybe you should add Audi, they have cool cars just like lamborghini...

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