January 20, 2011

Okozo - Interactive Desktop Background for Windows

Okozo Desktop will transform your old and dull desktop backgrounds of Windows 7 into fun, interactive and animated. This program is flashed-based and all the wallpapers are custom built by the creator. Currently there are over 70 different wallpapers available on the website. The wallpaper can be a mini interactive flash games, or an active clock displaying time.

You should keep in mind that this program will surely consume your CPU and memory more than usual if you use it. So, better use it only if you really want it or your kids want it =). I believe that kids will definitely love it.

Want to try out this application? Download it now.
And remember to check out the help page if you encounter any problem.
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Desktop Themes said...

I am very interested to collect animated and cartoon themes. I read your entire article. I am disappointed these themes are take more memory. I have less memory in my CPU. Can you give any tips and suggestions. Thanks for sharing with us.

Sharon Stone said...

Your articles help me a lot in all mediums of subjects. wordpress themes

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