December 23, 2010

Fairy Tail Windows 7 Theme

Fairy tail is a new manga series which i just started to read recently. Everyone hero/villain in the story has one special ability (which they call magic, weird?). And the main character, Natsu has this one of a kind magic which is rare to be found in the world. Then, as you expected from japanese manga, it has the typical good vs. evil storyline. Though the fighting scene is getting way too repetitive for my taste, this manga is still fun to read to kill some spare time.

So I have compiled this theme using a total of 20 wallpapers, which mainly featuring Natsu Dragneel and Lucy. Every fairy tail fans should be happy to have them displayed on the desktop. Manga fans might wanna check out my Naruto, One piece, FMA and Bleach windows 7 theme too.

Size reduced preview:

by diabolumberto

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Anonymous said...

Gracias seƱor.

sbobet said...

thnx for nice work
and pretty simple example but
where can i see the form i m not able to see the dorm created by module??livescore

Anonymous said...

Your not into the spirit of fairy tail if you ask me,magic aint just something you can acquire only 10% of the whole population are capable of using such abilities.There are also a lot of life lessons in fairy tail if you would only read the manga carefully.for someone like you who thinks that you have read a lot mangas you perspective is really small.

Kristian Junianto said...


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