December 31, 2010

Most Downloaded Windows 7 Themes 2010

There are more than 50 windows 7 themes published on 7themez in year 2010. Some category are more popular than other and some themes are definitely. Here, let us check out the popularity of themes category and the most downloaded themes in each of these category.

Category ranking:
  1. Game
  2. Anime
  3. Movie
  4. Cars

December 28, 2010

Pick #28 - Time for heroes

Do you even know what manga/anime is this? If you don't know, you should go find this manga and read it. It is JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. By みっつばー

Pick #27 - The Bahamut


Bahamut from Final Fantasy game series. Isn't it awesome? By Hayaken

December 26, 2010

WoW - Cataclysm Windows 7 Themes

Wolrd of Warcraft: Catclysm is the latest and biggest expansion for this famous MMORPG. The dragon sure is cool as hell. I can't help to find more relevant wallpapers to make them into a windows 7 theme.

Unfortunately, i don't see many wallpaper from Blizzard itself. Sigh... just manage to find a few good ones. Anyone has better WoW: cataclysm wallpaper, kindly contact me so i can make a bigger collections.

I think this theme will go well with the previous WoW windows 7 themes i posted.

Size reduced preview:

Attention! New site is launched.


I started a new blog It is more of a personal blog sharing my thoughts with everyone. Basically it is me ranting about daily stuff in my life. I will focus mainly on stuff related to Malaysia. Sorry for non-Malaysian readers. But if you are interested in Malaysia's culture and happening, feel free to drop by.

The blog will be totally advertisement free (at least until now and the near future) so that i can express my thoughts and feelings at my will. All articles written will be based on my personal experience and no fake ass-kissing content. It is my first time to set up blog on wordpress and i have tried my best to optimize it for optimum browsing experience.

You might wanna check out my first article on the blog, a Nuffnang review post =)

December 23, 2010

Pick #26 - Guardian of the Sea


Fairy Tail Windows 7 Theme

Fairy tail is a new manga series which i just started to read recently. Everyone hero/villain in the story has one special ability (which they call magic, weird?). And the main character, Natsu has this one of a kind magic which is rare to be found in the world. Then, as you expected from japanese manga, it has the typical good vs. evil storyline. Though the fighting scene is getting way too repetitive for my taste, this manga is still fun to read to kill some spare time.

So I have compiled this theme using a total of 20 wallpapers, which mainly featuring Natsu Dragneel and Lucy. Every fairy tail fans should be happy to have them displayed on the desktop. Manga fans might wanna check out my Naruto, One piece, FMA and Bleach windows 7 theme too.

Size reduced preview:

December 21, 2010

Adidas Windows 7 Theme

I doubt if any geeks or otaku on this site are into sport. Myself, am not a good athlete and sucks with team sport like basketball and football. You might feel strange that i post sport-related theme. There are two reasons i compiled this theme. First, its fine slogan "impossible is nothing" and secondly, the total minimalist 3 stripes trademark. Their competitor Nike's slogan "Just do it" is equivalently good. However, I prefer Adidas logo design over Nike.

Size reduced preview:
by codem_photography

December 20, 2010

Christmas Windows Theme - Otaku Style (NSFW)

Christmas is only few more days away, probably it is time to change your old desktop wallpaper with some new ones. Here i have rounded up 41 Christmas-themed anime wallpaper which i think fellow Otaku's may like. Personally i am not really into this kind of comics and only fan of manga like Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, FMA, Hunter X Hunter and so on.

For the reason this windows theme is NSFW (not safe for work), Japanese are always inclined to use short skirts, boobs and panties, extensively in their girl-related artwork.

Size reduced preview:

Click read more to continues with the wallpaper preview..

Pick #25 - Ichigo Vs. Ichigo


Incredible Hulk Windows 7 Theme

Just another theme for my readers. This time it is a request from "Dmitri Burn". I actually missed his message which that message supposedly to be the "real" first response from my facebook fanpage.

This theme contains 21 Hulk wallpapers of various sizes because good one is so darn hard to find. I just hope that they still look nice on your desktop. Personally it is suitable for me as my primary machine is an old laptop (4.5 years old) with 14.1 inches screen .

Hope you all will like it. If you feel these set of wallpaper is not enough, you might wanna check out at I have chosen some of the best one from there, those which are not in my collection simply because they don't meet my requirement.

Size reduced preview:

This one is by el-grimlock.

December 11, 2010

Detective Conan aka Case Closed Windows 7 Themes

This theme is specially compiled as per request of reader  "Izharruddin Afkar", for your information it is also my first facebook fanpage response. I must try my best to accomplish this job XD.

It is not easy to find suitable Detective Conan wallpaper that actually look nice on nowadays wide desktop and still meet my personal minimum requirement of wallpaper selection (i prefer cool, stylish, simple and clear images). This Case Closed series is quite an old animation as we all know. There were no 1080p or HD stuff in that era. It also uses cute art style for its illustration which make it has less cool factor. So I hope that fellow readers would not mind the number of wallpapers provided are too few.

Size reduced preview:

December 8, 2010

Tron Legacy Windows 7 Theme (HD)

Tron wallpaper
Remember i mentioned that Dead Space 2 is simply the best use of combination of glowing light with metallic armour? Well, Tron Legacy is definitely another masterpiece in utilizing glowing light. It is produced by Walt Disney Pictures and to be released on December 17.

Check out this set of cool HD wallpaper below,

Size reduced preview: