November 13, 2010

Pick #12 - 22 Assassin's Creed Fan Art You Should Not Miss

Source unknown

All fan art posted are taken from deviantart except those which are unknown of its source.

The Dead in White by ~houvv

Stop looking at me by godforget

Truth will be written in blood by Sanveganza

Assassin creed 2 by patrickbrown

by arkoniel

Assassin in mask by Jael-Kolken

by ~ivanshark

Assassin's Creed fanart by ~luulala

by DAaZ-Land

Ezio by Izaskun

Morti di vivo by Virnavus

Ombra di Firenze by captain-x
botherhood by ~largee17

assassincreed2 by ~largee17

by ~panelgutter

Backs by godforget

by *TheMinttu

by ~luulala

Good Night - Altair by *ameij

by ~luulala

source unknown
If you are interested with Assassin Creed wallpaper, you may click here.
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