November 7, 2010


After almost a year of blogging I finally decided to purchase my own domain name ( After 2 weeks of hard work, I had completed the make over of Now with a new blog template which is less clutter compared to the old template. Black and grayish colour become the new theme colour because they are more environmentally friend. According to a post in smashing magazine, it stated that dark colour display uses less electricity.

Check out the difference yourselves.

Another exciting stuff with this template is that it uses zero image file, pure combination of typography and shades. It was hard for me as I am just a casual blogger who is not good with coding works. It takes me quite some time to figure out all the tricks to make this template. If you find that my blog is display differently in your browser, it is probably that you using Internet Explorer. I highly recommend you switch to Google Chrome. Chrome is just so easy and simple for people who just want to browse and surf the web casually. Personally, I am still rooting for Firefox, haha.

In short, if you like my site show some love by sharing it around, leave some comment or even join me on twitter or facebook..

I am here proud to announce this is

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