February 7, 2010

How to resize and crop image in windows 7

In my site, you might find some wallpapers are just too large for your desktop or their size just doesn't fit into your screen because you have a wide screen or vertical screen. No matter whatever reason you want to resize or crop your image. In windows 7, the easiest way you can do to edit your wallpaper is as follow:

1. Right click the image you want to edit, and select edit:
2. After that, you will be in windows 7 "Paint" by default. Then select resize, you can resize according to percentage or by pixel. Depend on your preferences, i usually do it in pixel mode.
3. Assume you edit in pixel, change the horizontal pixel count to match your screen resolution
Screen resolution sample: 1024 x 768 , 1280x800, 1600x1200 and so on. (bolded = horizontal width pixel)
4. That's all for resize part. If the image still doesn't fit in your screen. You will need to crop it. Same as above instruction. Open your image to edit in windows 7 pain. Then left click and hold it on the point indicate as below at the edge. Drag the point and you can crop the part of image which is excess.
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